Relocation of all operating equipment and industrial plants within a location or from one location to another.


  • Disassembly and reassembly tasks as part of the relocation
  • Providing and producing packaging, transport racks, etc.
  • Carrying out cleaning and colouring tasks
  • Carrying out repair tasks
  • Logistical handling including transport and securing the load
  • Relocation when production is running if necessary


Procedure and sub-steps

  • Recording the job definition and inventory in the scope of services
  • Analysing the actual state at the old and new locations
  • Advice on carrying out the job and drawing up solution proposals
  • Obtaining all approvals and authorisations necessary to carry out the job
  • Using assembly aids and transport systems, see "Heavy and special assembly" and "Machine relocation"


  • Storing plants during new building projects
  • Relocating production systems as part of various development projects