• Company relocations

A new location

Company relocations

Relocation of all operating equipment and industrial plants within a location or from one location to another.


  • Disassembly and reassembly tasks as part of the relocation
  • Providing and producing packaging, transport racks, etc.
  • Carrying out cleaning and colouring tasks
  • Carrying out repair tasks
  • Logistical handling including transport and securing the load
  • Relocation when production is running if necessary


Procedure and sub-steps

  • Recording the job definition and inventory in the scope of services
  • Analysing the actual state at the old and new locations
  • Advice on carrying out the job and drawing up solution proposals
  • Obtaining all approvals and authorisations necessary to carry out the job
  • Using assembly aids and transport systems, see "Heavy and special assembly" and "Machine relocation"


  • Storing plants during new building projects
  • Relocating production systems as part of various development projects

Company relocations

Examples based on our practical experience

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  • schneider_betriebsumzuege_2.jpg
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  • schneider_betriebsumzuege_4.jpg
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  • schneider_betriebsumzuege_15.jpg

Power and technology

We work across fields

The fields of activity specified define and explain the product range of Schneider Montage GmbH. However, we do not make this separation when going about our day-to-day business. Depending on the job and the customer's requirements, a mixture of these activities is often used.

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