• Machine relocation

Dismantling, moving, rebuilding

Machine relocation

Machine relocation includes tasks in which machines are unloaded from the transport vehicle, machines are removed from the building and loaded onto transport vehicles or are relocated within the location in the course of a rationalisation process.


  • Unloading, placing and setting up machines and systems (or vice versa)
  • Relocating used machines from their old location to a new location
  • Carrying out the job using special hoisting and transport technology
  • Providing auxiliary constructions, ground protection measures, etc.


Procedure and sub-steps

  • Recording the job definition and inventory
  • Analysing the actual status at the location
  • Advice on carrying out the job and drawing up a solution proposal
  • Carrying out the job according to customer requirements and timing


  • Relocating production machines, presses, injection moulding machines, bottle washing machines, etc. (also in locations that are difficult to access)

Machine relocation

Examples based on our practical experience

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  • schneider_maschinenumsetzungen_2.jpg
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  • schneider_maschinenumsetzungen_11.jpg
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  • schneider_maschinenumsetzungen_16.jpg
  • schneider_maschinenumsetzungen_17.jpg

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