• Heavy and special assembly

Disassembly and reassembly

Heavy and special assembly

This means carrying out disassembly and reassembly tasks on machines, systems, machine parts and system parts, as well as production lines in confined spaces or in locations that are difficult to access, and/or extremely heavy and bulky packages.


Procedure and sub-steps

  • Recording and evaluation of job definition
  • Recording the actual status at the location and drawing up a solution proposal
  • Carrying out the job using air hoisting technology and hydraulic systems
  • Using special forklift trucks and/or special and electro mobile cranes
  • Providing and assembling A-cradle systems, platforms, pedestals and auxiliary constructions with a modular design


  • Moving production machines, presses, injection moulding machines, bottle washing machines, etc. (in closed spaces and buildings)
  • Assembling silo and tank systems (GRP, PE, aluminium, steel, etc.)
  • Disassembling and reassembling escalators and moving walkways
  • Disassembling and reassembling storage equipment (cantilever racking, paternosters, etc.)

Heavy and special assembly

Examples based on our practical experience

  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_1.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_2.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_3.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_4.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_5.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_6.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_7.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_8.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_9.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_10.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_11.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_12.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_13.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_14.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_15.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_16.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_17.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_18.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_19.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_20.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_21.jpg
  • schneider_schwer_und_spezialmontage_22.jpg

Power and technology

We work across fields

The fields of activity specified define and explain the product range of Schneider Montage GmbH. However, we do not make this separation when going about our day-to-day business. Depending on the job and the customer's requirements, a mixture of these activities is often used.

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