• Special lifting equipment

Auxiliary constructions

Production of special lifting equipment and assembly aids

Special lifting equipment and assembly aids are required to place/remove machines, systems, machine parts and system parts in/from locations that are difficult to access, to move them using crane systems and to secure them tightly when transporting to prevent hazards or to protect people and materials, and to guarantee that work is carried out economically and in a time-saving manner.


Procedure and sub-steps

  • Recording the job definition
  • Analysing the actual status and drawing up a solution proposal
  • Producing a system drawing and project planning
  • Obtaining structural analyses and legally required authorisations
  • Producing and constructing the product


  • A-cradle systems, single girder crane track, etc.
  • Load beams, spreaders, etc.
  • Platforms, pedestals, auxiliary constructions, etc. in systems construction
  • Adjustable angled carriage for bulky packages

Production of special lifting equipment and assemb

Examples based on our practical experience

  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_1.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_2.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_3.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_4.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_5.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_6.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_7.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_8.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_9.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_10.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_11.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_12.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_13.jpg
  • schneider_sonderhebezeuge_14.jpg

Power and technology

We work across fields

The fields of activity specified define and explain the product range of Schneider Montage GmbH. However, we do not make this separation when going about our day-to-day business. Depending on the job and the customer's requirements, a mixture of these activities is often used.

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